Thursday, 1 August 2013

My First Week.

I spent the first week of my life happily trundling around the paddock with my mum and my Auntie Patsy in the sun.

The weather was lovely every day and I had loads of visitors and attention from our humans. The only thing I needed to make life absolutely perfect was a little  friend of my own to play with.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Hello. My name is Shakespeare and I was born at 11am on May 1st 2013. My mum is Wolfheart Cash Quixote Kia. She was born in Texas and flew to England when she was just one year old, with her best friend Country Music Patsy Montana II. They have been together ever since. They are both 33 inches tall (or short!).

Here they are at their old home meeting our humans for the first time. My mum, Kia, is on the left. As you can see they're both very friendly, just like me!

My dad is Itsy Bitsy Tomcat. He too came to England from the US and he's even smaller than my mum. I've never met him but I'm told he's very handsome, like me! There is a photo of him below:
I was born out in the paddock on a lovely sunny day, watched by my Auntie Patsy. I am my mum's first foal so it was all a bit of a surprise to her!

Then we went in and I got to see my house for the first time. It's very cosy!